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Our CARE Approach

Our CARE Approach is our commitment to provide coordinated, appropriate, responsive and
effective services to our individuals and professionals. 


Care coordination is the foundation for successful treatment. It allows for all services to work in harmony, and for clients to have seamless access to their resource team of professionals. 


Appropriate care can only exist through a collaborative, wraparound approach that utilizes both professional and natural supports. These supports must be meaningful,  strength-based, and evidence-based to be successful. 


One of the greatest obstacles we face in the pursuit of success is timely access to appropriate services. We are committed to initiating services quickly and ensuring each individual has the supports they need in a timely manner.


For care to be effective, it must achieve its intended result. Through our person-centered approach and long term planning, we can achieve positive outcomes for our individuals. 

Starlight Behavioral Health is committed to CARE and has been working with agencies across West Virginia who wish to have a positive impact on their communities.  CARE is an approach that serves consumers and professionals alike. Whether you are a child, an adult, a family, a professional or an agency, you can expect to receive the best CARE available.

Your CARE Starts Now!

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